Lenclas Lake

A pastoral setting

Not far from Saint-Félix-Lauragais Lenclas Lake is a place popular with families.

An idyllic leisure location

The Rigole de la Plaine flows around the edge of Lenclas Lake, which was built in 1968 for agricultural irrigation. Each year, hundreds of pilgrims walk past the lake along the GR653, accompanied by numerous cyclists who are following the tracks alongside Riquet’s water supply system.

This is also a good route for children because it is flat. Picnic tables and benches at Lenclas make it a shady and agreeable place for a halt. The more energetic can continue to the Seuil de Naurouze or take a grassy track up to Saint-Félix.

What about fishing?

This lake of three hectares is supplied by the Fresquel, a tributary of the Aude. Classed as a second category fishing lake, anglers can enjoy these waters all year round and the lake is used regularly for fishing competitions. One outstanding feature is the provision of a disabled access pontoon making it possible for everyone to fish.

A short history

Lenclas and the Rigole de la Plaine

Lenclas Lake was created inside one of the bends of the Rigole de la Plane, dug out in the 17th century as part of the water supply network for the Canal du Midi.

The gentle gradient of the plain and the watershed at Naurouze explains the meandering route taken by this artificial water channel. The Rigole de la Plaine winds its way through 35 km from Revel (220 m) to Naurouze (190 m).

500m away form the lake, you may be surprised to see the Rigole pass over an aqueduct on your way to Revel. It is a magnificent brick and stone canal bridge built so that the railway can pass under the Rigole.

If you walk around the lake, you will an other aqueduct. This was built so that during times of flooding, muddy water would not flow into the Rigole and silt it up. There is also an overflow in case the level of the Rigole becomes too high.

Our suggestions

For a family bike ride, try the Green Way which you can follow all the way from Revel to Lenclas where you can stop at a restaurant.


Lenclas – the restaurant on the lake

A stop for gourmands

Break your journey and enjoy a dining experience in a rural setting by the lake.


Lenclas – a place for families

A place to walk and play

The path around the lake and the Green Way are perfect for learning to ride a bike, or simply to enjoy being on two wheels. There is also a play area to amuse younger visitors.


Find the right viewpoint!

Bring your camera

From Lenclas, you can enjoy superb views across the fields of the Lauragais with the Pyrenees as a backdrop.

In and around Lenclas

Lenclas Lake is located in the depths of the countryside on the plain of the Lauragais. If you are travelling with a camping car, the shady and peaceful car park will tempt you to spend one or more nights here.

Nearby is the village of Saint-Félix-Lauragais with its market hall, pretty houses, 14th century Collegiate church which houses a splendid organ, and the château. Don’t miss the wonderful view from the Montfort tower on the ramparts.

If you follow the Rigole de la Plaine upstream to Les Thomassès you will cross a canal bridge, water troughs, 17th century bridges and aqueducts. When you reach Les Thomassès, you will find an overflow where the Laudot discharges its waters into the Rigole de la Plaine.

Three kilometres away at Les Cassès, you will find a memorial to a bloody event in the Albigensian Crusade. The village was besieged by Simon de Montfort in 1211, and sixty Cathars were burned at the stake.