Via Ferrata

Family adventures in the Montagne Noire

A family and their teenagers go on an adventure in the Montagne Noire

Nelson family, from Montpellier, is preparing to spend a holiday in the countryside "Aux sources du canal du Midi". Nathalie and Andy are determined to spice up this stay for their two teenagers Amélie and Mathew. They are more interested in smartphones than in nature. Authenticity at the market, challenge at Saint-Ferréol, mysteries at Durfort and adrenalin at Malamort, are the ingredients of a weekend full of experiences for the whole family.

Marché de Revel

First adventure

The adventure begins in the heart of the medieval bastide of Revel, by climbing to the belfry in the centre of Revel market. The stone tower rises 22m through the red tiled roof of the 14th century market hall. The terrace overlooks the whole area, the Montagne Noire, the Lauragais, and especially the central square with its colourful façades supported by arcades. The market seems to come to life like a miniature theatre. The smells of roast chicken, aligot, truffle... make the nostrils of the quartet vibrate. Sometimes the voice of a merchant pierces the background of the market: "a superb pumpkin to make your mesturet (pumpkin pie)?"... The teenagers' eyes light up thanks to this authentic postcard. Phones are drawn to take selfies and snipe at their friends.

Family 1/smartphone 0

Koh Ferréol challenges

The family heads for Saint-Ferréol. This is where Koh Ferréol adventure begins. It's Koh-Lanta in a bag: orientation, determination and courage. In a word, there's only one left! Compass, map, landmarks, suspicious tasting put the family in competition. The hiding places fall one after the other. The games are not only challenging but also fun. In the end, the teen-geeks manage better than their parents... Amélie is crowned winner of Koh Ferréol. An unforgettable afternoon!

Family 2/smartphones 0

Peinture murale de Durfort
rue des Martineurs

Durfort under enigmas

The family arrives in a small village nestled in the heart of Sor valley. It is dominated by the massive autumnal slopes of the Montagne Noire. Equipped with a treasure hunt, children succeed in getting their parents to track down the answers to the riddles. The 4 partners keep their eyes open. The clues are scattered throughout the picturesque streets of Durfort: architectural elements, street-art frescoes on certain facades and doors... They still boast, in the centre, abundant gutters of living water as in the Middle Ages. The treasure hunt: a good way to discover this jewel while keeping the adults interested.

Family 3/smartphones 0

Adventure in Malamort

The family has an appointment in Malamort. This is the name of Sor gorges. The via ferrata is hidden in this wild setting of cliffs, waterfalls and forest. A timeless setting where adventurers will be put to the test. Safety is a priority with Laurence, the instructor: harnesses, lanyards, carabineers... Here they go to assault Malamort. A first ladder, a crossing on a wire, another overhanging ladder... and the zip lines complete the range of challenges. Youngsters have a great time filming their parents who are not very comfortable: the whole valley heard Nathalie throwing herself into the zip line at the top of her voice! Everyone surpassed themselves to complete the route with a broad smile. An epic adventure full of thrills.

Family 4/smartphones 0

père sur une échelle de vla via ferrata de Malamort
Gorges du Sor - Tour Roquefort

What a weekend!

This weekend "Aux sources du canal du Midi" was a real success: a change of scenery, adventures, fun, challenges, riddles! Each member of the family has strong memories of these moments. They allowed them to recreate a bond with each other. The bet is won!

Rue de Durfort

The little extras

To complete your adventure, discover the craftsmen of Durfort and finish with a tasty break.

Crafstmen of Durfort

La Table de Durfort