The lake of Lampy

Ideal for walking or relaxing

Hidden in a vast forest, the lake of Lampy combines nature, leisure and the ingenuity of man. It was created at the end of the 18th century and it forms part of the water supply network for the Canal du Midi.

The lake of Lampy

A historic site

This lake is a reservoir created by an engineer called Garipuy between 1777 and 1782. The dam wall is built on the bed of the Lampy stream at an altitude of 643 metres. It was built to meet the increased water demand created by the opening of the Canal de Jonction which linked the Canal du Midi and the Canal de la Robine.

Inscribed by UNESCO, the dam made of granite measures 133 metres in length and 16 metres in height. It is reinforced by ten buttresses and creates a reservoir with a surface of 23 hectares holding 1,672,000 cubic metres of water. It replaced an earlier reservoir built by Riquet in a nearby hamlet called Old Lampy.

Nature at its best

The vast forest surrounding the lake is criss-crossed by all sorts of paths and trails including the GR7 and the service road for the Rigole de la Montagne. You can also walk around the lake itself and feel at one with nature. Fishing and swimming complete the range of activities that you can enjoy.

Outdoor leisure activities

Blessed with a wide range of vegetation, the tour of the lake is ideal for a walk or a ride on a mountain bike. Depending on the season, you may find varieties of wild mushrooms or sweet chestnuts. It’s a joy in all seasons!

On the edge of the site, you will even find a peat bog which is now a protected area. Did you know that it takes between 600 and 800 years to create a layer of peat one metre deep? The peat contains ancient samples of pollen which has allowed scientists to understand the development of the local vegetation over time.

The excellent water of the Montagne Noire will delight bathers in summer when there is a supervised swimming area in the lake. Fishermen can enjoy the well-stocked waters of the lake, streams and rivers of the Montagne Noire.

In search of an easy walk

Follow the path alongside the stream below the dam wall. Before long you will reach the point where the Lampy flows into the Rigole de la Montagne and continues on its journey to the Canal du Midi.