Revel market: a reservoir of genuineness.

The medieval market hall of Revel and its belfry are the main characters of one of the most beautiful markets in France. Immerse yourself in the authentic and warm atmosphere of a Saturday morning with its colours, its smells and its entertainment. Enjoy the view from the terrace of the Belfry.

Revel market: a medieval symphony

The sacred place is not far away! The clamour of the market is a real music. It attracts visitors irresistibly. The colourful and lively streets of the royal bastide lead the crowd towards the heart of this symphony.

At last, here it is! The medieval market hall and the stone-coloured belfry give the tune. The colourful sunshades, the smells and the terraces set the tone. Philippe VI de Valois square and its market appear as if by magic. The show has begun!

A show in all the 'senses'

"Les bons fruits sont ici ! (good fruit is here)"  "2€ le kilo!" The merchants harangue the crowd of Revel market around the "Belfry". The polychrome stands of the greengrocers colour the square like a vegetal mosaic. Nose in the wind, one can already spot the subtle fragrances escaping from the dairy's stand. Delicious cheeses fill the air with the scent of Roquefort, Cabécou, Tomme de Lacaune... The charcutiers display their garlands of charcuterie accompanied by their local companions: Toulouse sausage, bougnette and melsat. "Hmmm, a good melsat for the aperitif!

The market hall: the holy of holies!

Revel's medieval market hall proudly displays its glowing tiled roof. Its forest of 79 oak pillars houses local producers: breeders, beekeepers, market gardeners, brewers, bakers... They are the best ambassadors of our authentic land. Everything whets the appetite at Revel market: raw hams, foie gras, golden pastries, vegetables harvested the day before, tempting duck fritons, honey from the Black Mountain. "Téh, aqui, vas plan? The old people like to meet under the market hall and comment the news, in Occitan of course!

The market is up to the task

Suddenly, the announcement of the visit of the belfry rings out under the canopy of tiles. The visitors are taken on a tour of the tower. The visit ends in apotheosis on the terrace. Perched 15m above the square, it gives the sensation of being the only masters of this lively theatre.

All your senses are awakened! The stalls and their parasols, the façades, the Lauragais and the forests of the montagne Noire paint an ideal multicoloured decor. The succulent perfumes emanating from the market stir the taste buds. The festive music of a band mixed with the dialogues of all these characters completes the soundtrack of this authentic postcard.

The "belfry" and its visit

Belfry is the name that the people of Revel give to Philippe VI de Valois square. It refers to the square, the market hall and the belfry.
The belfry tour takes place every Saturday at 11 am, 2.5€/pers., free for children under 12.

The square in figures

  • 80 m > square sides length.
  • 5 m x 18 m > size of the plots in town, all identical at the beginning of Revel history.
  • 6,50 m > width of the galleries under the arcades.
  • 1 521 m² > market hall surface, a square with 39 m.
  • 79 > oak pillars.
  • 22 m > height of the belfry.
Beffroi de Revel
Marché de Revel
Market in practice
  • Saturday morning, rain, shine or snow! Except if 25 December and 1 January fall on a Saturday.
  • From 7am to 1pm.
  • Market hall : producers only.
  • Place Philippe VI de Valois : greengrocers, butchers, pork butchers, cheese makers, fishmongers, cooked dishes.
  • boulevard de la République : bazaar, clothes, shoes, hats...
  • Place de la Mission : foodtrucks and ready-made meals.
  • Marché au Gras rom mid-November to mid-March.
  • Parking : Salle Claude Nougaro and Ecole Roger Sudre, along the avenues leading to the square and on the boulevards (map of Revel).