Sport and relaxation

Alone, in pairs, with family or friends, take advantage of the waters of the Montagne Noire and Lauragais to fish. 

Our fishing sites

and their diversity

No less than six lakes, two canals, a river and a fish farm will allow you to indulge your passion. Whether you are passionate about fishing for small, medium or "big" freshwater fish, you will see a number of them tickle your line.

Whether your favourite technique is fishing by landings, hits, jumps, flies, flies, throws or trolls... everything is possible in our 1st and 2nd category bodies of water, on the plain or in the mountains.

Peace and serenity

When the wind rustles in the leaves, the birdsong, the lapping of the water, come and tease the dowel, the minnow, the roach, the pike-perch, the perch, the chub, the trout, the pike or the carp and enjoy this wonderful environment that is open to you.


Lakes, canals and streams...

  • Lake of Saint-Ferréol

    Category 2. Lake of the plain (pike-perch, perch and carp).

  • Lake of d'En Brunet - 81540 Belleserre

    Category 2. Possibility of fishing pike, pike-perch, trout, carp, roach and perch.

  • Lake of Lampy - 81110 Arfons

    Category 1 (perch, fario trout).

  • Barrage des Cammazes - 81540 Les Cammazes

    Category 2 (pike, pike-perch, chub, fario trout). Swimming and navigation are prohibited.

  • Lake of Vaux - 31540 Le Vaux

    Category 2.

  • Lake of Lenclas - 31540 Saint-Félix Lauragais

    Category 2, initiation course.

  • Rigole de la Montagne et Rigole de la Plaine

    Category 1.

  • Stream moulin du Roy - 31250 Revel

    Category 1. Course for children under 12 (trouts).

  • Laudot Fish farm - 81540 Les Cammazes

    Trout fishing from 2 years old children - Equipment provided. Outdoor restaurant "from fishing to plate!"

Never without my card!

By taking their fishing card, each fisherman automatically becomes a member of an AAPPMA (Registered association for Fishing and protection of the aquatic environment). Fishing rights (banks, banks) belong either to the State (rivers, navigable canals) or to shoreline owners (rivers, lakes, ponds).

Fishing without a card is a triple offence punishable by a fine of 450 Euros.


General regulation

Fishing is the act of appropriating a wild fish that belongs to no one. The regulations are there to regulate this act, so that it does not endanger the resource.

It applies to all places where fish are supposed to move. That is, all watercourses, canals, streams and water bodies, except those where wild fish cannot pass.

The number of rods is limited to one for Category 1 streams and bodies of water, and four for Category 2 streams and bodies of water, each equipped with 2 hooks or 3 artificial flies and placed close to the fisherman.

The number of pike-perch and black bass catches allowed per recreational fisherman per day shall be three, including a maximum of two pike-perch.

For salmonids other than salmon and sea trout, the number of catches allowed per fisherman per day shall be 10.

Main rules of freshwater fishing

Fishing is allowed all year round, except during certain periods for certain fish. The legal catch sizes are also regulated, depending on the species, which must be immediately returned to the water within a certain length.

Fishing is allowed 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset. However, the prefect may, by order, authorize night fishing for carp at any time in certain watercourses (possible at Lac de Lenclas).