Montagne Noire, autumn family walk at Les Cammazes

Easy bike trails, majestic forests, an underground aqueduct and the "Rigole de la Montagne" (UNESCO) are the ingredients for a successful family outing in Montagne Noire. Automn also offers beautiful surprises. Jérôme, Véronique and their children Olympe and Simon will take you on an adventure in this impressive setting of the Montagne Noire starting from Les Cammazes.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Rigole de la Montagne already appears through the giant Douglas fir trees. This small straight canal crosses the mountain thanks to an underground aqueduct 122m long. Children discover voûte Vauban in its green setting. We can see the end of the tunnel. Children eagerly ask "are we going through?"

The little group goes in. Despite the apprehension, the call of adventure is stronger. Flashlights on, parents accompany the children. Dampness becomes more pronouced. Darkness invades the space and the sound of water spreads through the vault. Finally, the end of the tunnel was not so far away. Chrildren sighed with relief, very proud to have done it.

On their bike!

Trees have already begun their autumn transition, here at 596m. Leaves are turning their flamboyant colours. The smell of the forest fills the nostrilsof the family. Children and parents are ready to set off on their wheeled steeds. Simon is going to ride his bike without his little wheel for the first time. The suspense is palpable. Simon throws himself full of willpower under the encouragement of his family: first pedal stroke then a second... What a success! "Bravoooo!!"


Autumn treasures

The path winds along the Rigole" with a very small difference in altitude without ever going astray. The forest creates this majestic landscape with its reddish deciduous trees and green conifers. At Conquet: a little water to refresh the whole team in this bucolic place where the Rigole roars in a stunning waterfall. Véronique has spotted a magical smell. The scent of mushrooms! Without hesitation, our mushroom hunters grab their sticks and start exploring the undergrowth. "Mum, I found one here!" The entire family runs to Olymp who just found her very firts girolle. Their fragrance and beautiful shade of yellow open the appetite. Simon found a brown cap and whitish foot. No doubt! A beautiful cep for an omelette.

Family happiness

The family settles down to picnin a little further at bassin du Lampy. The peaceful water surface reflects this forest setting like a mirror.The good local products are quickly devoured. They all could eat a horse. Children play hide ans seek under hundred-year-old trees: "one, two, three, ten...". Parents are enjoying a romantic moment on the sunny banks of this lovely setting.


It stings

On the way home, the family spotted a chestnut patch. They are fond of this delicious autumn fruit. Jérôme explians the method: treading on the spiky brown balls with your foot to open this treasure box. Demonstration! The application is always a different story. "When picking chestnnuts, you always en up getting stung" as the family proverb says. Children laugh to hear their parents shouting "ouch!!!" Simaon and his sister are getting started. It's no longer time for laughter. Concentration is at its highest level. Despite their good will: thorns sting!

A well-deserved snack

Back in Les Cammazes, the family settled at Salon de Vauban. It is a warm restaurant-tea room with its wooden beams and bright walls. The air is filled with the smell of chocolate and crêpes being cooked... Parents and children warm up around a hot chocolate while remembering all the good moments spent all together.

salon de thé
Rigole de la Montagne aux Cammazes

In practical terms


Galerie des Robinets
Les sources du canal du Midi

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